Sometimes in our lives, a moment shines through which enables us to let go and turn ourselves over to mystery. Not always recognisable, these bursts of enlightenment open our hearts to the possibility of change and renewal. I refer to these transitional instances as Murmurs.

A Murmur is an unusual sound, a faint vibration, a suspended reality, a fleeting moment of wonder. And then it’s gone.

It’s the flowing stream. The unusual swooshing sound our hearts make. It’s the rhythm and the spaces between this distinctive beat.

n the Murmur mysteriously transports you, liberates you and alters the reality you once knew. It’s a magical submerged world that invites you to transcend the boundaries of your existence.

in the Murmur envelopes you, this wondrous place of silence and sound Immersed in water we are weightless, transformed and freely in motion. We feel the universe living within us as a flowing stream.

The rhythmic beat moves you, guides you.